2019-20 Wrestling Info

Tryouts for wrestling will start at the bleachers in the gym on November 18th at 4pm. Any students interested are required to wear appropriate work out attire.

Monday- 4-6pm. practice in the wrestling room
Tuesday- 2:10-3:15pm weight lifting and conditioning 4-6pm practice
Wednesday- open mat starting (Nov 18th)    for those who want to put in the extra work to be a champion.
Thursday- 2:10-3:15pm weight lifting and conditioning  4-6pm practice
Friday- 4-6pm practice

2019-2020 Wrestling

Check back soon for the 2019-20 roster.


For information regarding the Bishop Gorman Wrestling Program, please contact Head Coach Ricky Lundell at rickylundell@gmail.com


Check back soon for the 2019-20 Wrestling schedule.

Championship Titles

1968: J. Gallia -157 lbs.
          K. Owens -168 lbs.
          R. Dial -178 lbs.
1969: J. Gallia -168 lbs.
1972: S. Brennin -170 lbs.
1977: M. Ohriner -106 lbs.
1987: S. Duncan -101 lbs.
          R. Vigil -148 lbs.
          Z. Stapp  -158 lbs.
1989: C. Greenman-171 lbs.
1990: T. Conners -189 lbs.
2007: Steven Hernandez -130 lbs.
2008: Napolean Aniciete -103 lbs.
          Steven Hernandez -140 lbs. 
2009: Steven Hernandez -145 lbs.
          Johnny Field -171 lbs.
2010: Steven Hernandez-152 lbs.