Parent and Student Handbook

The Bishop Gorman Parent and Student Handbook outlines the policies and procedures that apply to parents and students while a student is enrolled at the school. A handbook cannot reasonably address all foreseeable academic, disciplinary, or other school situations. Certainly, there are many common sense policies that will not be included in its pages. Therefore, the Administration reserves the right to rule on any individual situation(s) surrounding student academic performance, student behavior, or other school-related issues that are explicitly or implicitly stated or implied in this handbook. The administration reserves the right to rule on any situation that is not explicitly addressed in this handbook or in which there is a perceived ambiguity. The decisions of the administration are final.

In order to serve the needs of the Bishop Gorman community, the Administration reserves the right to amend regulations and procedures in this handbook at any time with reasonable notice to the families of students enrolled at Bishop Gorman High School. If changes are made, written and/or electronic notification will be provided.

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