Men's Cross Country Tryout Info

IMPORTANT: Every student-athlete who plans to participate in athletics is required to be registered by a parent or legal guardian on Additionally, the completed Sports Physical packet must be uploaded to in order to be eligible for participation. All pages of the packet must be uploaded as one file (do not upload individual pages as it can only accept one file). Sports Physical packets will no longer be accepted in the Athletic Office. You will not be allowed to try out unless this is completed. Click HERE for more information.


Conrad Becker
Gavin Briseno
Evan Chang
Kyle Chang
Rion Chong
Donovan Coulthard
Marc Cudiamat
Ara Goll
Kalman Iglody
Evan Keffer
Jordan Kreisberger
Christopher Lee
Daniel Montano
Giovanni Moya
Anthony Nisley
Jeffrey Principe
Connor Reyburn
Jose Rios
Bradock Sharp
Jaryn Sosa
Andrew Specht
Jackson Taylor
Aiden Tran
Daniel Vazquez


For more information on the Bishop Gorman Cross Country team, please contact Head Coach, Bree Thorpe, at


All race information can be found on the Bishop Gorman page on
8/28- Red Rock Running Company Invitational @ Floyd Lamb Park
Men's Varsity Race- 1st place OA team
Andrew Specht (2nd), Giovanni Moya (12th), Anthony Nisley (13th), Bradock Sharp (22nd), Ara Goll (25th)
Women's Varsity Race- 2nd place OA team
Sophie Kellogg (1st), Izabella Villanos (10th), Roma Velazquez (12th), Lily Algate (23rd), Lauren Sharp (30th)
Men's Newcomer Race- 11th place OA team
Jordan Kreisberger (1st). Jeff Principe (81st). Kalman Iglody (86th), Marc Cudiamat (87th), Chris Lee (89th), Daniel Vazquez (95th)
Women's Newcomer Race- 2nd place OA team
Jadelyn Lopez (5th), Carrigan Cook (6th), Gabby Martinez (8th), Amanda Dennis (21st), GIanna Hornyak (40th)

9/11- Larry Burgess- Las Vegas Invitational @Veterans Memorial
- Men's Varsity Race- 1st place 4A division, 6th in combined results large school
Andrew Specht (2nd), Giovanni Moya (32nd), Anthony Nisley (37th), Conrad Becker (44th), Jose Rios (63rd)
Women's Varsity Race-  7th place
Sophie Kellogg (6th), Izabella Villanos (39th), Roma Velazquez (42nd). Lily Algate (62nd), Lauren Sharp (65th)
Men's Frosh/Soph Race- 6th place
Kalman Iglody (31st), Connor Reyburn(40th), Daniel Vazquez (42nd), Marc Cudiamat (45th). Gavin Briseno (46th)
Women's Frosh/Soph Race- 1st OA
Gabby Martinez (3rd), Jadelyn Lopez (4th), Carrigan Cook (5th), Amanda Dennis (8th), Reagan Flaherty (19th). Gianna Hornyak (20th), Cammilla Drennon (21st)
Men's Varsity B- No Score
Donovan Coulthard (1st), Rion Chong (26th), Kyle Chang (51st)
Women's Varsity B- No Score
Emily Kellogg (11th), Brooke Schmitt (19th), Grace McCullough (26th), Regan Miller (33rd)

9/17-9/18- Woodbridge Cross Country Classic @ Silverlakes Sports Park, CA
Men's Novice - 4th OA as a team.
Connor Reyburn (11th), Chis Lee (22nd), Daniel Vazquez (45th), Evan Chang (50th), and Marc Cudiamat (52nd). 
Men's Varsity - 3rd OA as a team. Andrew Specht (3rd), Anthony Nisley (24th), Giovanni Moya (35th), Donovan Coulthard (41st), and Conrad Becker (74th). 

Men's freshman - Jordan Kreisberger (1st)

Women's Varsity  - Sophie Kellogg (9th).

Women's freshman - 2nd OA as a team. Jadelyn Lopez (3rd), Gabriella Martinez (4th), Carrigan Cook (11th), Amanda Dennis (27th), and Gianna Hornyak (62nd). 
9/25 - Falcon Invitational
Men's varsity 2nd as a team. Andrew Specht (3rd) - (15.57 fastest 5k time in Bishop Gorman history). Jordan Kreisberger (7th), Giovanni Moya (20th), Donovan Coulthard (21st), and Ara Goll (41st).
Women's varsity 3rd. Sophia Kellogg (8th), Jadelyn Lopez (19th), Roma Velazquez (28th), Izabella Villanos (29th), and Lily Algate (41st).
Men's JV 1st as a team. Bradock Sharp (3rd), Jose Rios (4th), Rion Chong (7th), Daniel Montano (8th), and Jackson Taylor (13th). 
Women's JV (2nd). Gabriella Martinez (1st) OA. Lauren Sharp (5th), Grace McCullough (13th), Gianna Hornyak (23rd), and Reagan Flaherty (24th). 

9/28- Bishop Gorman Weekday Meet @Floyd Lamb
Men's varsity 1st as a team. Andrew Specht (1st), Jordan Kreisberger (2nd), Donovan Coulthard (7th), Giovanni Moya (8th), Anthony Nisley (9th).

Women's Varsity came in 3rd as a team. Sophia Kellogg (2nd), Gabriella Martinez (13th), Roma Velazquez (15th), Izabella Villanos (20th), Jadelyn Lopez (21st)
10/5- Coronado Weekday Meet @Sonata Park
10/9- Santa Clarita Valley Invitational
Men's team placed 2nd. Andrew Specht (4th), Jordan Kresiberger (7th), Anthony Nisley (19th), Donovan Coulthard (23rd), Giovanni Moya (31st), Conrad Becker (61st), and Ara Goll (63rd).
Women's varsity placed 3rd as a team. Sophie Kellogg (6th) Roma Velazuez (31st), Carrigan Cook (34th), Izabella Villanos (37th), Gabby Martinez  (42nd), Jadelyn Lopez (52nd), and Emily Kellogg (83rd).
JV men's - Jose Rios (10th), Rion Chong (11th), and Bradock Sharp (15th).
JV women's - Amanda Dennis (12th), Lauren Sharp (18th), and Lily Algate (21st).
10/12- Bud O'Dea Frosh-Soph Championship @Desert Breeze
10/23- Southern Nevada 4A State Qualifier @Veteran's Memorial
10/29- 4A State Meet AND Southern Nevada 5A Regional Meet @Veteran's Memorial 
11/6- 5A State Meet @Reno, NV