History of Bishop Gorman High School

Over sixty years ago, the vision and dream of five outstanding individuals, Romy Hammes, Dorothy Hammes, Kathlyn Hammes Mowbray, Bishop Robert J. Dwyer of Reno-Las Vegas, and Father John F. Brown, Provincial Superior of the Clerics of St. Viator, became a reality. On September 7, 1954, Bishop Gorman High School opened its doors as the only Catholic high school in Southern Nevada. Bishop Dwyer chose to honor his predecessor, The Most Reverend Thomas K. Gorman, the first Bishop of the Reno-Las Vegas Diocese, in naming the school. From its inception, Bishop Gorman High School was administered by the Clerics of St. Viator, a religious community dedicated to the education of and service to those less fortunate.

A new era of Catholic education began in the greater Las Vegas community when Bishop Gorman High School was born. With more than 65 years of tradition, we note that while certain aspects of the school have changed, our values and intrinsic nature persevere and continue to enrich the community. BGHS continues to welcome students who seek quality, Catholic, college-preparatory education from all socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds and ethnicities throughout the Las Vegas community. The leaders of today and tomorrow continue to benefit greatly from the spiritual and academic formation that is central to the educational experience of Bishop Gorman High School.

Bishop Gorman High School has become rooted in the fabric of Las Vegas over the last sixty years. Our mission is to teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ, prepare students for higher education, and create a community where service is valued and celebrated-has imparted to our youth and community a treasured educational and spiritual foundation that is timeless.


There are more than ten thousand graduates of Bishop Gorman High School. While they were in school, they received numerous academic and athletic accolades. Their spirit to succeed in an educational community where service is valued and celebrated has encouraged many graduates to become leaders in medicine, law, state, and local government thus giving back to their community.

Our vision: To be a national leader in college preparatory education, in an environment distinguished by Catholic values, drives the faculty and staff to provide an integrated experience that supports the intellectual, physical, and spiritual aspects of our students. Classroom work, campus ministry, athletics, and club activities keep this goal at the forefront.

Bishop Gorman successfully competes with public and private schools to attract an outstanding, diverse student body that will proudly carry on the storied traditions of academic excellence, athletic prowess, and deep-rooted spiritual development.

The curriculum offers a wide range of challenging courses, including Advanced Placement and honors classes. The placement exam, taken by all incoming freshmen, is intended to assist students, in conjunction with their counselors to select appropriate courses. Sixty-five percent of the faculty has advanced degrees, including three percent with doctorates. The faculty is strongly committed to the mission, goals, and ministry of BGHS; current faculty members have taught at BGHS for an average of 8 years, with 18 percent having taught here for 15 or more years. Currently, 19% of our faculty are alumni of BGHS.

The office of Campus Ministry was established in 1995 and offers a variety of opportunities for student and faculty involvement in retreats, service, worship, and community involvement. Students are required to perform 100 hours of service in their four years at Bishop Gorman High School.

The students at Bishop Gorman High School participate in a wide range of co-curricular activities and sports. Fifty-nine percent of students participate in sports, while 41 percent are members of school organizations.

School Vision & Mission

List of 4 items.

  • Vision

    The vision of Bishop Gorman High School is to be a national leader in college preparatory education in an environment distinguished by Catholic values.
  • Values

    • God
    • Accountability
    • Excellence
    • Leadership
    • Stewardship
  • Mission

    • Teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ
    • Prepare students for higher education
    • Create a community where service is valued and celebrated
  • Goals

    1. Provide a Catholic and religious learning experience.
    2. Assure excellence and high standards in all academics.
    3. Offer a distinguished and wide variety of co-curricular activities.
    4. Foster a safe, supportive and disciplined learning environment.
    5. Involve students, parents, alumni and the community in school life.
    6. Attract, retain and develop outstanding faculty and staff.
    7. Provide strong administrative and fiscal leadership.

Bishop Gorman High School

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