The Bishop Gorman High School Counseling Department is dedicated to delivering the best possible services to the school’s students and parents. Counselors are available throughout the school year to meet with students and parents regarding academic progress and college direction.

The Counseling Department is an essential part of the school’s college preparation program. We try to develop personal and academic growth in our students through continuing education and personal experiences.

The counselors strongly encourage parents to get to know their student(s) academic advisor. All counselors can help with the student’s four-year plan of study and BGHS employs one full-time college counselor and a wellness counselor.

Contact Counseling:

List of 7 members.

  • Mrs. Alice Braun 

    School Counselor
    ext 4048
  • Mrs. Monica Conteduca 

    Administrative Assistant of Academics
    ext 4005
  • Mrs. Pamela Cross 

    Wellness Counselor
    ext 4042
  • Mrs. Jeanette Dixon 

    School Counselor
    ext 4050
  • Mrs. Courtney Napoli 09

    School Counselor
    ext 4046
  • Mr. Ryan Pietranton 92

    College Counselor & NCAA Liaison
    ext 4052
  • Mr. Richard Spiritosanto 

    School Counselor
    ext 4051

School Counseling FAQ

List of 5 frequently asked questions.

  • What does a counselor do?

    Counselors meet with students on a regular basis to discuss their academic progress. These meetings include planning a schedule to ensure timely graduation and a strong college preparatory curriculum. Counselors are also available to help students with other educational and personal issues that may be impacting the student's academic progress.
  • What about confidentiality?

    Most things talked about with a counselor are confidential. However, if a student threatens harm to self or others, a counselor has a legal obligation to inform the proper sources to get help for that student or others. School counselors are mandated reporters, and any suspicion of child abuse or neglect must be reported to Clark County's Child Protective Services.
  • How often can students see their counselors?

    Counselors call in all freshmen and students new to Bishop Gorman on a priority basis. The counselors meet with all students at least once during the first semester. Any student may see his or her counselor as frequently as they need.
  • How are counselors assigned?

    Bishop Gorman employs four academic counselors, one specialized college counselor and one NCAA counselor/liaison. Students are assigned to their counselors at the beginning of the school year, and each student remains with the same counselor through graduation. Students may be seen out of alphabet by another counselor under special circumstances.
  • How can I make an appointment?

    Students: Fill out the Google Form called "Counselor Request Form" located in your Class of 202... Google Classroom.
    Parents: Please call or email your student's counselor directly to schedule an appointment.
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