In keeping with its commitment to help enhance the spiritual life of the Bishop Gorman community, Campus Ministry offers the following retreats during the school year. These retreats provide an opportunity to explore ones relationship with God, others and self.

Students and adults interested in retreats should see
Mrs. Martinez in the Campus Ministry office, 702-476-4029.
QUEST (Open to Freshmen and Sophomores only): 

QUEST  is an overnight retreat for 9thand 10th graders.  On QUEST students learn more about themselves, their relationships with family and friends, and their relationship with God.  It is led by sophomores who have made a previous QUEST retreat.

Quest Retreat Dates
  • QUEST 72                    TBD
  • QUEST 73                    TBD
  • QUEST 74                    TBD
KAIROS (open to Juniors and Seniors only): 

KAIROS is a three day retreat for the 11th and 12th graders.  This retreat helps them learn more about themselves, their relationships with others, and their relationship with God. Students and adults discuss how living a Christian life can help guide their future and strengthen relationships with family, friends, and God.  KAIROS is led by seniors who have attended a previous retreat
Kairos Retreat Dates
  • KAIROS 84                  TBD
  • KAIROS 85                  TBD
  • KAIROS 86                  TBD

Class Day of Recollection

Mandatory Class Day of Reflection
  • Seniors: TBD
  • Freshmen: TBD
  • Sophomores: TBD
  • Juniors: TBD
Senior Class Retreat
  • September 22-24, 2021