Knight of the Gael

Knight of the Gael has become Bishop Gorman High School’s signature event, this event has become a beloved tradition for our most prominent alumni, families and friends. Knight of the Gael has raised millions of dollars for the students of Bishop Gorman High School, especially for our Tuition Assistance Program. Thanks to our faithful and dedicated community, the funds raised continue to ensure a quality Catholic education for generations of Gaels.
Year after year, the Knight of the Gael continues to bring together the Bishop Gorman faithful for a night of celebration and to honor a loyal and dedicated member of our community. Over 600 individuals gather at this event, making it the perfect opportunity to showcase your business or organization and, of course, your support. 

Knight of the Gael 2024: Honoree Video

    • 2024 Knight of the Gael Honoring Carolyn Sue & TJ Matthews

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Past Honorees

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  • Royal Order of the Gael

    1983  Roberta and Jackie Gaughan
    1984  Marietta and J. A. Tiberti
    1985  Barbara and Dr. Donald Romeo
    1986  Mary Lou and Art Thomas
    1987  Kim and George Gerringer
    1988  Mary and Joseph Blasco
    1989  Mary and James Cashman, Jr.
    1990  Sandy and Governor Bob Miller
    1991  Nancy and Richard Etter
    1992  Joan and Larry Tuntland
    1993  René and John O’Reilly
    1994  Past Principals:
    Rev. Francis Williams, C.S.V.
    Rev. Harold Devereaux, C.S.V.
    Rev. William Anson, C.S.V.
    Rev. John Shiels, C.S.V.
    Rev. Philip Clifford, C.S.V.
    Rev. Edward Anderson, C.S.V.
    Rev. Lawrence White, C.S.V.
    Rev. George Harris, C.S.V.
    Rev. Charles Bolser, C.S.V.
    Rev. Richard Rinn, C.S.V.
    1995     Marjorie Barrick
    The Jim Cashman, III Family
    Vicki and Frank Fertitta
    Roberta and Jackie Gaughan
    Maryanna and Jerry Herbst
    Corrine and J. A. Tiberti
    The Tiberti Children
    1996  Maria and Ted Quirk
    1997  Thalia Dondero
    1998  Joy and Frank Kerestesi
    1999  Mary Jo and Rossi Ralenkotter
    2000  Dema and Governor Kenny Guinn
    2001  Paula and Michael Gaughan
    2002  Kenneth J. Sullivan, Jr., KHS
    2003  Lucia and Dr. Gerald L. Higgins
    2004  All Royal Order of the Gael Honorees
    2005  Connie and Chuck Gerber
    2006  The Volunteer Capital Campaign General Chair and Cabinet:
    Blake Sartini
    Denise Cashman
    Michael Morrissey
    Pat Mulroy
    Rossi Ralenkotter
    Mary Ann Rivera
    Christina Etter-Roush
    Julie Gilday-Shaffer
    Roxanne Shoen
    James Silvestri
    Tito Tiberti
    2007  Most Reverend Joseph A. Pepe, D.D., J.C.D.
    2008     E.L. Wiegand Foundation
    MGM Mirage
    2009  Timothy N. Poster
    2010  Frank Fertitta, Jr.
    2011  Dorothy (Pinjuv) and Chi Chi Bengochea
    2012  The Engelstad Family Foundation
    2013  Patty and Mike Morrissey
    2014  Kathie and Al Faccinto
    2015  Jack Raftery, Sr. 
    2016  The Mowbray Family
    2017  Those Who Have Dedicated 30+ years to Bishop Gorman High School:
    Fr. Norbert Bibeault (36 years)
    Virginia "Gina" Cunningham (40 years)
    Aggie Evert (31 years)
    Sr. Lorraine Forster (30 years)
    Margaret Foy (45 years)
    Chuck Gerber (40 years)
    Connie Gerber (41 years)
    Joseph Halpin (37 years)
    Pattie (Downs) Johnson (39 years)
    Jim "Doc" Machinski (32 years)
    Jean Poteete (40 years)
    Vikki Rodrigues (44 years)
    Ken Roos (39 years)
    Mimi Roos (41 years)
    Eric Seif (35 years)
     2018  Sandy and Sheriff (ret.) Bill Young
     2019  Mary Alice and Scott Nielson
     2020  Rev. William J.M. Kenny
     2022  Dr. Jeffrey Davidson, MD
     2023  Patrick & Jen Miller
     2024  Carolyn Sue and TJ Matthews

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