The Learning Center was created in response to a growing need to extend additional educational and support services to students with diagnosed learning disabilities and attention problems. The program is unique in that services are offered in a rigorous college preparatory setting whereby students with learning difficulties are competing and succeeding with their non-learning-disabled peers.

The Learning Center offers an adaptive, comfortable learning environment for small group instruction, individual instruction, test-taking, and quiet study. It will also provide professional development for Bishop Gorman faculty and information for parents. In addition to support services for students formally enrolled in the program, the Learning Center will administer and oversee special accommodations and extended time tests and make recommendations relating to special needs and special services for all BGHS students.

Our Mission

The mission of the Learning Center at Bishop Gorman High School is to assist students in becoming successful learners through understanding of their unique learning styles. The goal for students is autonomy in learning that reflects greater self-awareness and consistent usage of individualized learning strategies. A student’s individual educational program will be based on the recommendations determined to best help the student succeed.


Services and classes available through the Learning Center will be extended only to students formally diagnosed with a learning difference and currently enrolled in the Learning Center program. In order to enroll in the Learning Center, an application should be completed and documentation of the student's learning problems attached.

Documentation consists of a written report of assessment by licensed clinician/psychologist, should be two years current, and specifically demonstrates the presence of a learning issue. This evaluation is the cornerstone to an effective plan of supportive education for the students as well as the operation of a focused, successful program.

In the absence of documentation, the Learning Center can give recommendations of licensed clinician/psychologist for academic testing services.

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