Gaels! Did you graduate in a year ending in a 3 or 8??

Classes ending in 3 and 8 will be celebrating reunions in the Fall of 2018. Reunions are planned by volunteers from each class, and many classes have already started. The Office of Alumni Relations is available to assist in a number of ways including providing addresses, ideas, venues and guidance. If you are interested in being a reunion planner for your class, or if have questions about any alumni program, please contact BGHS Alumni and Parent Relations Coordinator, Janell Gomez ’97 at (702) 476-4033.
Class of 1958 - 60 years
Contact Janell Gomez for information

Class of 1963- 55 years
Laura Ungaro
Class of 1968- 50 years
Joanne Blystone   702-871-4471
Joann (Aleshi) Riordan 
Class of 1973- 45 years
Leslie (Buckley) Shaffer
Class of 1978- 40 years
Dannette Trivisonno  702-496-0507
Class of 1983- 35 years
Kara Gilday
Class of 1988- 30 years
Kristina Wildeveld Coneh
Luis Lichtman
Class of 1993- 25 years
Jesse Oakley
Class of 1998- 20 years
Elisabeth Apcar 
Class of 2003- 15 years
Tasha Chemplavil 
Class of 2008- 10 years
Sidney (Mead) Flihan 702-525-5332
Alle Zaher 702-302-7566
For more details contact
Janell Gomez at:
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