Shadow Day FAQ's

List of 7 frequently asked questions.

  • What is the Shadow Program?

    "Shadowing" is a program designed to give your child a feel for Bishop Gorman life (open to current 8th grade students or high school students interested in transferring to Bishop Gorman). Your student will attend classes and lunch with a Bishop Gorman student host.
  • Must students know a Bishop Gorman student to participate?

    If your student knows someone at Bishop Gorman, they are welcome to request to shadow him/her on the Shadow Day form. Otherwise, your student will be paired with a Bishop Gorman student with similar interests (i.e. activities, sports). Sibling shadows are also permitted.
  • Must students be accepted to Bishop Gorman before they participate in this program?

    Acceptance is not required, however the program is reserved for 8th grade students or high school students interested in attending Bishop Gorman.
  • How do I sign up for a shadow day?

    If your child attends one of the BGHS partner schools, we automatically schedule a date for the entire 8th grade class. If your child attends another school, please click HERE to schedule a shadow day (must be submitted at least 3 days in advance).
  • What should visiting students wear when they shadow?

    The dress code for shadow students is very similar to that of the Bishop Gorman students:

    Girls - Acceptable Dress
    Blue, white, or orange polo shirt with Khaki color pants or shorts and shoes with covered toes and heels or tennis shoes.  

    Girls - Unacceptable Dress
    Denim of any kind (i.e. jeans, jean skirt); low or revealing necklines or bare midriffs; T-shirts; Facial piercings (other than earrings) or visible tattoos; sandals or flip-flops.

    Boys - Acceptable Dress
    Khaki color pants or shorts with blue, white, or orange polo shirt and shoes with covered toes and heels such as tennis shoes or other closed toe shoe with a back.  

    Boys - Unacceptable Dress
    Denim of any kind (i.e. jeans, jean shirt); T-shirts; excessively baggy attire; facial piercings (other than earrings); visible tattoos; sandals or flip-flops.

    PLEASE NOTE: Visiting students will be sent home if they are not wearing acceptable attire.
  • How long is a typical school day and are visiting students required to stay the entire day?

    Classes begin at 8a.m. and conclude at 2p.m. We suggest that your student shadow for the entire day, but arrangements can be made if he/she is only able to come for part of the day.
  • Do visiting students need to pack a lunch?

    You may pack a lunch or purchase food in the Tiberti Student Commons, which has an extensive menu selection. If purchasing lunch, please send your student with $5 cash.

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