Information Media & Educational Technology (IMET) Center

The center houses more than 5,000 books and subscribes to more than 35 databases through four educational publishers of electronic and print resources (see links below). Passwords can be accessed by:
  • Clicking on “IMET Center Library” in the lower right
  • Selecting the “Database passwords" under "Contents"

For more information about the IMET Center visit their website.

Students must sign into the library upon arrival in the facility and sign out when leaving. Students may use our 18 computers for school-related purposes. The computers provide students with access to Follett Destiny, the BGHS online catalog of print and web materials; programs such as Microsoft Word; access to our research and subject-specific databases; access to e-mail and cloud storage for school purposes; and access to the internet for research or homework purposes. Students may also access our catalog remotely online or with the Follett Destiny Quest app. They may also access our many databases via the library computers, or remotely from their iPads or laptops/computers, wherever they have an internet connection.

Students may print in the library with permission from the librarian and after noting printing details on the sign-in sheet. Printing may take place at the following times:
  • Before school
  • During GAELS periods (when students are not assigned to a session)
  • During the student’s lunch
  • After school
Printing must be COMPLETED five minutes before class starts (before school, during GAELS periods, and during lunch) so that students are on their way to class in a timely manner during the five-minute passing period.

At all times, students should engaged in school-related work in the IMET Center Library and should be respectful of other students’ use of the facility for the same purpose by maintaining an environment conducive to such work. If students wish to socialize, they may do so in the Commons or the many outdoor areas to which students have access.

Phone use is not permitted in the library. Before and after school, phones must remain on silent or vibrate, and in one’s pocket or backpack/bag. Students must step outside the library to take and make calls, and to send or check text messages. Phones should not be on during the school day.
All computers provide students with Internet access. This allows students to access the center's subscription databases, which are:

EBSCOhost, a subscription site which includes several periodical indexes and abstract databases,as well as numerous full-text articles from hundreds of periodicals;

Facts on File:, a news and issues-oriented database with information from Reuters News; Issues and Controversies and Today's Science are also included.

Infotrac Databases, a selection of databases which contain information on all subjects reprinted from numerous Gale Group reference books as well as scholarly and popular periodicals.

World Book Online, Our World Book Online subscriptions includes the products geared toward research for material at both the high-school and college (such as Advanced Placement courses) levels. Databases include World Book Academic, World Book Advanced, and World Book Student; Inventions and Discoveries; Living Green; Early Peoples; and the Spanish-language database Enciclopedia Estudiantil Hallazgos.

Students may also access these sites from home; they need only obtain the usernames and passwords from a center staff member. Click on the links above to access these sites and then enter the user name and password when prompted.
The BGHS IMET Center Library is open during the academic year from 7:00 am - 3:30 pm, Monday through Thursday and 7:00 am - 3:00 pm on Friday

The library closes occasionally during faculty meetings and when classes are scheduled in the library.

Useful Search Engines and Research Links:

Google--Search Engine, Web Subject Directory and image directory
Ask Jeeves--question and answer format web searching
About: The Human Internet--Web subject directory and resource center
Library of Congress--Information on just about everything!
Las Vegas/Clark County Library District--Search the catalog or find out what's happening at a library near you!

Subject-Specific Sites:

New Advent: Catholic website (which includes the Catholic Encyclopedia) with links to other Catholic sites.


In accordance with the BGHS Acceptable Use Policy (please see Parent/Student Handbook: Internet access is provided for SCHOOL-RELATED purposes ONLY. Use of the Internet by students for personal or non-school related functions (including, but not limited to, checking and sending of personal e-mail and accessing web sites not related to a students classes or school activities) will result in disciplinary action in accordance with the Acceptable Use Policy.

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