Hammes Campus Store


Visit the Hammes Campus Store: For all your uniform needs along with exciting spirit wear and accessories! To purchase uniforms and spirit wear online, click on the BUY UNIFORMS, APPAREL & SPIRIT ITEMS button above.  

Hammes Campus Store Manager
Michelle Roberts 476-4022

Campus Store Hours:      
Monday - Thursday: 7AM - 2:30PM
Friday:  7AM - 2PM




2013 Book Buyback Instructions         Online Book Ordering Instructions 

If you need assistance with a book order,
please email Esco Books at Gorhelpdesk@escobooks.com

DOWNLOAD Booklist for Fall School Year 2013-2014

Online Bookstore Contact Information: 

Phone: 888.228.6292, FAX: 480.966.3078



Why can I ONLY buy my books online?

  • Convenience – You can purchase your books 24 hours a day through the ESCO Online Bookstore and have them shipped directly to your home.
  • Cost-Effectiveness – The ESCO system provides books at very competitive cost to you. By using an online system, the Hammes Campus Store can also eliminate the storage space and employee hours necessary to stock the large quantity of books required for our entire student body. 
  • Flexibility – We also provide you with the ISBN numbers for all your textbooks, enabling you to shop around for the best price for your books through other websites or book stores.

What if I want to buy my books somewhere other than the Online Bookstore?

You are welcome to shop around for the best deals for your family. The ESCO system provides books at very competitive costs, and there are also used books available for purchase at a discount. Use the ISBN numbers to find your books through other websites or book stores.


I am a new student. What uniforms do I need to buy?

The suggested uniform purchase for new students is as follows:

  • 5 pairs pants or shorts
  • 4 uniform tops (polos)
  • 3 outerwear items (school-approved jackets, sweatshirts, and fleece)
  • 2 spirit tees (may be worn with uniform pants or shorts on Fridays)
  • 1 Mass uniform (sweater vest and oxford shirt)
  • *1 For Freshmen ONLY! Required Binders $15

What are “school-approved” jackets and sweatshirts?

Items that are “school-approved” as part of the school uniform, can be worn by students Monday through Friday and are available only through our Campus Store.  All other items are spirit wear, and they are not to be worn on campus during the regular school day. Hooded sweatshirts and garments with front pouch pockets are never allowed to be worn during the school day.


When can I wear spirit tees to school?

Spirit tees may be worn on Spirit Shirt Fridays with uniform pants or shorts.                                   

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